Sicily, Fsi-Usae: “Musumeci appoints the new Health Councilor as soon as possible”

7 April 2021 22:00

Sicily, Fsi-Usae: “Musumeci appoint the new Health Councilor as soon as possible, we ask for an urgent meeting”

The regional secretariat of the Fsi-Usae Sicily, Federation of Independent Trade Unions, the constituent organization of the European Autonomous Union Union Confederation, formally requested the President of the Sicilian Region, Nello Musumeci to urgently reopen the discussion and negotiation table on healthcare in the light of the new scenario that has opened up. “Since December last year we have been waiting for the regional health department to convene the trade union organizations. The Workers with their respective representatives deserve respect and true dialogue. We cannot accept silent attitudes that do not respond to good and expected union relations. We would not like to think that the modus operandi is to relegate the trade union to a mere marginal role. Therefore, in considering this behavior unacceptable, the Fsi-Usae invites the President to confront himself immediately, calling us, to continue to give prestige and dignity to Sicilian health workers and addressing all those problems and all those inconveniences they are experiencing “, declares Calogero Coniglio , regional secretary Fsi-Usae.

“Musumeci will have to appoint a new regional councilor, as soon as possible to fill the void left to the regional health department by Ruggero Razza, who has resigned. The most important councilor cannot remain without a guide and cannot be conditioned by tensions between government allies and the opposition – continues Coniglio – The situation of Sicilian healthcare, if not carefully managed, can only worsen by creating gaps in assistance. In Sicily there is a hunger for good health and the matter must necessarily be at the top of the list of regional policy to safeguard the right to health of citizens. The governor must leave the delegation to health and appoint a councilor, because this moment of regional criticality on the coronavirus cannot be dealt with in bulk “.

In this meeting the Fsi-Usae intends to illustrate its concerns, but above all it expects a solution to be communicated that guarantees, from every point of view, in addition to the appointment of a new councilor, the state of the art of mass vaccination of Sicilians, the organization of the hub centers and spoke centers and the future of all employees of the regional health service.

“The regional health department – continues the note signed by Salvatore Ballacchino, Renzo Spada, Pier Paolo Di Marco, Maurizio Cirignotta, Salvatore Di Natale, Salvatore Bracchitta – must manage the ordinary activities of hospitals, the extraordinary one for the pandemic, the vaccinations to be carried out, rigorous controls, as well as relations with all national, regional and local institutions. An activity so vast and intense that it cannot be carried out in the best way, not even with the commitment of the president who temporarily replaces those roles, which require full-time physical and mental presence ”.