Sicily, fish products without traceability 1500 kg seized. There is also Messina

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Approximately 1,500 kilos of untraceable fish products seized in over 130 checks at sea and in ports and 16 administrative sanctions for the violation of fishing regulations and for the conservation of fish products for a total amount of approximately 36 thousand euros.
This is the balance sheet of the complex operation of the Coast Guard of the Eastern Sicily of control on the fishing chain called ‘BFT Connect’, which involved the territory of the provinces of Catania, Messina, Syracuse and Ragusa.
Of the approximately 1,500 kilos of fish seized, 300 kilos were declared unfit for human consumption by ASP vets and destroyed.
The remaining fish product was donated to the Food Bank of Catania.
Among the seizures that of nine untraceable specimens of ‘Red Tuna’ weighing about 950 kilos discovered on board a van in Acireale.


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