Sicily, Energy: new IT platform for property certifications – il Fatto Nisseno

The Musumeci government and Enea (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) present the Ape information system Sicily (Ape-R 21), the new platform for the transmission of energy performance certificates for all public and private buildings.

The system was created as part of the Es-Pa project ‘Energy and sustainability for the public administration’, funded by the Pon Governance and Institutional Capacity program 2014-2020, dedicated to improving multilevel governance and the administrative and technical capacity of public administrations in public investment programs.

The operation of the new platform, accessible at, will be presented on Thursday 8 July, at 11, during a webinar with all sector experts, organized by the Sicilian Region in collaboration with Enea, with an intervention by the regional councilor for energy and public utility services, Daniela Baglieri, and the participation of the director general of the energy department, Antonio Martini.

During the meeting, the accreditation procedures of the certifying subjects and the online transmission methods of the Ape to the regional energy register will be illustrated, the only method allowed for the purposes of compliance with current legislation on the subject. “Computerization of procedures, simplification, development Рunderlines the commissioner Baglieri Рare the main tools to ensure the transparency and efficiency of the action of the public administration for the benefit of the community.

I express great satisfaction for this important project that allows us to create virtuous paths with a view to innovation in the public sector “.

The Ape-R Sicilia information system falls within the line of activity of the Es-Pa project dedicated to the development and application of the single regional energy cadastre of buildings and systems. The Sicilian Region has been identified as a pilot region. Ape Sicilia is the first operational module made available to the Region.

The next phase will concern the cadastre of thermal systems and the cadastre of buildings integrated with each other. The IT platform for the transmission of energy performance certificates has been renewed and transferred to a new dedicated space, where it is already possible to register exclusively through Spid, following the procedure provided for by the new portal. The loading and transmission of the Ape has already been activated. The new portal will manage the Ape cadastre with advanced methods through the acquisition and control of files exclusively in digital xml format.

Furthermore, the certificates will be provided with a Qr code for the immediate verification of the filing. The various functions of the new system include the Register of certifiers, the Registry of buildings, the integration with the Siape (Information system on energy performance certificates) and the other regional databases.

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