Sicily: Di Paola (M5s), meeting with Chinnici on alliance issues

“The coalition with the Democratic Party? Whether it will remain standing depends on an iron convergence on the issues, on which we will not retreat an inch. For this reason we will immediately ask for an urgent meeting with Caterina Chinnici and with the other forces of the progressive front coalition. We will bring nine Sicilian issues to the table, as were the points submitted by Conte to Draghi, and if they say no to just one of these then we will be ready to break the alliance and go alone “. This was stated by the referent of the M5S in Sicily Nuccio Di Paola, after the regional assembly of the 5 Star Movement held in Palermo which ended last night.

“In the light of what happened in Rome – says Di Paola – the path of the progressive coalition is not as obvious as when it was launched and as was highlighted by numerous speeches made today in the assembly, where positions in favor and positions contrary to the continuation of the path of the Sicilian presidential elections “.

“In any case – he continues – just as President Conte said in a remote connection, our field will be the right one. We must make our principles, our values, our iron intransigence on the issues weigh, as Conte emphasized” . .

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