Sicily between fire and thunderstorms: huge hailstones fall in San Biagio Platani

From fires to water bombs, with hailstones over seven centimeters in diameter. Sicily’s emergencies are changing within a few hours, as meteorologists had predicted for the weekend. A disturbance is already affecting various parts of the island, starting with Trapani, where rain arrived late in the morning accompanied by strong winds. Trees collapsed onto the roads, precarious billboards were secured by firefighters, and many streets were flooded, including Via Marsala, which turned into a river after a brief rain. The bad weather also hit the province of Agrigento, causing disruptions in Cianciana, Sant’Agelo Muxaro, and San Biagio Platani. Enormous hailstones damaged the outdoor tables of pubs and bars, shattered car windows, and caused damage to parked vehicles. Heavy rainfall also occurred in Sciacca. Just a few hours after the hellfire that devastated Sicily, temperatures are dropping on the island. Cool Atlantic air is advancing towards the central Mediterranean, and a first temperature drop has already reached the westernmost parts of the region.

Sicilia tra fuoco e temporali: a San Biagio Platani cadono enormi chicchi di grandine

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