Sicily and the first post-pandemic summer, Messina Tourist boom expected

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The Regional Councilor is optimistic and speaks of encouraging data.
Despite the price increases and the well-known beach concession.

A June 2022 and an early summer of fire for the Palermitans.
And not for the summer heat that has yet to really arrive, but for various events.
From the administrative elections, which decreed the replacement of Leoluca Orlando, to the promotion in the cadet series of the Palermo Football Club of Dario Mirri, the city is ready to face the hot summer.
The first bathing season out of the pandemic emergency, despite Covid-19, according to experts, continues to turn among us.

A boom is expected in Sicily

“The data are absolutely encouraging, Sicily’s summer boom is expected and, therefore, this makes us proud and makes us a little more serene, given the period that the tourism sector has gone through.
We hope that the numbers of this year’s forecasts are confirmed ”- declared Manlio Messina, the councilor for Tourism, Sport and Entertainment, of the Sicilian Region, to the Quotidiano di Sicilia.

Summer in Palermo, a season for tourists and price increases

“There will certainly be price increases, but this is a problem that affects all of Italy, not just Sicily – continues Messina.
The increases are due to the problems we already know, such as transport costs, the cost of raw materials and the problem of finding workers who, then, have to do much more overtime.
We hope, however, that they are reduced costs, dictated only by this and not by those who want to take advantage of the summer and the tourist “.

The concession of the beaches

The beaches and coasts belong to the state property, therefore to the state.
The private individual who wants to open a business on the beaches, therefore on the coasts of our country, must request a concession for use from the State.
Previously these concessions were twenty or thirty years old and were entrusted to companies that requested them, obtained which was renewed from year to year, giving the company the possibility of foreseeing long-term investments, paying, obviously, the public land.
“For some years, the European Community has entered with a straight leg, saying that concessions must be publicly banned and, therefore, everyone must be able to access” – explained the commissioner Messina.

“Said like this it seems a right thing, but let’s not forget that each country is unique, Germany cannot be compared to Italy” – he continues.

The installation of the mayor Lagalla and the needs of Palermo

We asked the councilor Messina for a forecast in view of the installation of the mayor Roberto Lagalla.
“Although I did not appreciate the Orlando administration, in many respects, however, there was no lack of dialogue, I must recognize this, we collaborated with the competent councilors and therefore we are here to represent the institutions and not a political party, therefore, for me, the color of the mayor doesn’t matter ”- Messina continued.

Palermo and “the Lagalla imprint”

“I hope that Professor Lagalla, the new mayor, gives a different imprint to the city, because Palermo needs order, cleanliness, to put some very specific rules, to make the tourist safer and make his stay more pleasant.
in the splendid Palermo.
Certainly this was lacking, but I reiterate that collaboration has always existed, for some specific themes, such as the Jazz Festival, where the Municipality of Palermo has always been absolutely available to all the events that, as the Sicilian Region, we have organized “.

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