Sicily and Catania protagonists of the national project “Che Vino”

There Sicily is among the leading regions of “What a Wine”: a national project that goes beyond the concept of wine delivery because it presents the best of small and medium-sized Italian local wineries and aims to increase the culture of wine and knowledge of the territories among consumers.

Every month, those who choose to subscribe to this innovative service will be sent a surprise 3 bottles of a single producer selected from a specific Italian region and a card that tells the story of the chosen winery and its wines. Through the formula of storytelling, small Italian excellences are valued that, alone, would not have the strength to make themselves known.

Sicilian wines are back in vogue thanks toUniversity of Catania. The protagonist of this month is Sicily and specifically the Etna area, one of the most popular wine-growing areas in Europe. This land is a reference point for the sector because, thanks to the different altitudes, exposures and lava flows, each producer here can offer a wine characterized by specific potential.

After experiences gained in the family and specific study paths, in 2015 Pierluca Barone Beneventano Della Corte chose to leave the city of Milan where he was born and raised and to return to his origins, in Sicily, and here he began to deal with vines and grapes . Working on the old semi-abandoned land, he discovered different and particular species, including the moscatella dell’Etna, a type of grape with a strong taste and color.

Thus he began to collaborate with the University of Catania to study, and bring back, ancient grapes with forgotten flavors. From his work, wines as particular as they are unknown were born with a strong reference to tradition and genuine flavors.

Collaboration with the social enterprise of Palermo – The “Che Vino!” combines the quality of Made in Italy wine with social responsibility because each box also presents a product from an Italian company committed to social issues.

This month’s box is dedicated to Sicilian social enterprise Cooked in Fragrance: is a laboratory for the preparation of bakery products born inside the Malaspina juvenile prison in Palermo. Inside the Box dedicated to Sicily, together with three bottles from the Barone Beneventano Della Corte winery, products made by prisoners are also included.