Sicily: 4,000 vaccines in parishes in one day. In Messina 428 doses – Tempo Stretto

Unique initiative in Italy thanks to an agreement reached with the president of the Cesi. Meanwhile Palermo could become the red zone

In Sicily, as in the rest of Italy, vaccines are being worked on to speed up administration. In Messina, the goal is to place the PalaRescifina alongside the hub at the fair, which should be ready in about ten days.

Over 4 thousand doses

In the meantime, the day ended with over 4 thousand anti-Covid vaccinations for the 300 parishes that joined the initiative in Sicily, the only one in Italy. According to the data currently available and released by the Asp, 428 people have been vaccinated in the province of Messina. In Catania 829, in Syracuse 275, in Enna 531, in Ragusa 216, in Trapani 570, in Agrigento 250 and in Palermo 950. The extension of the timetable up to 7 pm also made it possible to use all the doses available. In Palermo, for example, it was possible to administer about fifty in the Cathedral and further doses were then transferred to the vaccination hub of the Mediterranean Fair. The vaccination day in the parishes was made possible thanks to the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the president of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci and by the president of the Cesi, Archbishop Salvatore Gristina.

Palermo red zone?

Meanwhile, Musumeci will decide during the day, in concert with Mayor Leoluca Orlando whether to declare Palermo a red zone following the surge in infections found in the last few hours.

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