Sicily, 20 million arrive for masks, visors and gloves promised with the budget

They were promised over a year ago, with the “War Budget” wanted by Nello Musumeci. And there were also the funds, twenty million found in the folds of the budget. Now, after the protests of the companies that in the meantime had remained dry-mouthed, that money is released: the non-repayable contributions will arrive for the companies that last year, when the emergency called, were converted to the production of individual protection such as masks, visors and gloves, but also to the creation of disinfectants and electro-medical technologies. The deadline for submitting applications, according to a resolution approved on Wednesday by the council on the proposal of the vice president of the Region Gaetano Armao, is set for 29 October. The contribution will be disbursed by Irfis by the end of the year.

The call for reconversion had been the refrain of last year’s spring. When the pandemic exploded, in Sicily as in the rest of the country there were no masks: so several companies ran for cover, with an acceleration led by the Mechatronics production district, which in a few weeks put itself at the service of the emergency and which is now capable of producing 20,000 Ffp3 masks per day. From the Mechatronics district, however, at the end of last year – when six months had already passed since the approval of the budget – a very heavy blow came to the President of the Region: “Where did that money go?”. It took some time, but the call is ready. For a call to arms that is now finally being rewarded.

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