Sicilian UGL at congress in Monreale with “professional training manifesto”

On Monday, November 13th, starting at 9:30 am, Ugl will hold its regional congress in the auditorium of Casa del Sorriso in Monreale. The focus of the congress, according to current secretary Giuseppe Messina, will be on the real dynamics of the labor market and the need for reform. Messina specifically references the Sicilian vocational training sector, criticizing its ties to clientelism and the need for reform to address issues such as school dropouts and low employment rates for women and over 50s. He calls for the region to guarantee comprehensive training, eradicate administrative red tape, and combat potential corruption. He also emphasizes the role of vocational training in tackling poverty and crime, stressing the need for professionalization pathways for minors. Messina hopes for collaboration between the regional government and the vocational training sector to provide specialized training for at-risk youth in emerging sectors.

Ugl Sicilia a congresso a Monreale con il «manifesto della formazione professionale»

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