Sicilian Street Food in Palermo 🇮🇹 CRAZY Italian BBQ + HUGE Arancini in Sicily !!

In this episode we are in Sicily! Sicily is a huge island in southern Italy, the largest island in the Mediterranean! Our first stop on our journey across this culturally rich island is the capital, Palermo! The ancient city of Palermo is home to some amazing and unique foods, which we will show you in today’s video. We start the day with Granita with a Brioche, a very typical Sicilian breakfast. We highly recommend trying the “Granita di caffe e panna” which is Coffee and Cream, and the “Granita ai frutti di bosco” which is a mixture of berries with cream. The brioche was light and fluffy! 📍Caffetteria del Corso Next, we venture into the Ballàro Market, the crowded and chaotic market in the heart of Palermo. We got to see all the seasonal products of the rich Sicilian countryside. We also stopped at a street food stall serving all kinds of Sicilian street food. We wanted to try their huge arancini, fried rice balls stuffed with meat sauce. This snack was so big it could be considered a whole meal! 📍Mercado Ballàro We had even more food in Palermo that we wanted to try, so we headed to the Vucciria market. We found a local bakery to pick up the Sfincione, which is Sicilian pizza. What makes it different from other Italian pizzas is the use of Sicilian ingredients such as anchovies, strong cheese, onions and aromatic herbs. It is also served on a rectangular crust. We sat at the market bar to eat Sfincione and enjoy it with a glass of Italian beer. 📍Panificio Pietro Bonaccorso & Dadalia Osteria Before taking an afternoon siesta, we had another street food to try. We went to ‘Nni Franco U’Vastiddaru for the famous Pani câ meusa. This is a veal spleen and lung sandwich served street side. There was also some cheese topped with offal. The texture was good but unfortunately the sandwich lacked flavor. 📍’Nni Franco U’Vastiddaru In the evening we wanted to have a full Sicilian spread for dinner. We went to the traditional Osteria Al Ferro Di Cavallo. Their menu is full of Sicilian specialties and we were able to choose some dishes we wanted to try. We ordered “Pasta Sarde and fennel” (Sardinian Pasta and Fennel), “Pasta alla Norma” (Sicilian Pasta with Eggplant, Marinara and Basil), “Carne Roll” (Meat Roll), “Sicilian Salad” (Sicilian Salad) , the most amazing Cannolo for dessert and the house wine to drink. 📍Osteria Al Ferro Di Cavallo Quiet, we have so MORE Sicilian street food to try in the next episode !!! Stay tuned and make sure you are subscribed to never miss an episode of our Italian Food series! Thanks for watching Chopstick Travel! ______________________ We are Luke Martin and Sabrina Davidson, food lovers and world travelers! We make videos about local, authentic and unique foods from all over the world. We especially like to taste street food all over Asia. We have eaten through Asia, Europe, the Middle East, parts of Africa, North America and the list is still growing! Our mission is to create entertaining, informative, honest and entertaining content! We love what we do and are always grateful for your support! Thanks and see you next time! ————————————— 🥢 SUPPORT US: 📱 FOLLOW US: 🎵 MUSIC (try it for free):

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