Sicilian Street Food in Palermo 🇮🇹 CRAZY Italian BBQ + HUGE Arancini in Sicily!!

In this episode, we’re in Sicily! Sicily is a massive island in the south of Italy, the largest island in the Mediterranean! Our first stop …


  1. Do you think that the spleen guy with the chin protector at 13 minutes won't sneeze COVID into your food?

  2. love how you guys honestly rate your food….Everything cant be delicious

  3. A lot of times the best dishes are the local ones that are popular like the Pasta alla Norma that you had… Or obviously seafood dishes if you're on an island. Stuffed chicken is there because they're catering towards people that just want chicken. Why would you go to an island in the Mediterranean to eat chicken?

    For example I wouldn't go to Thailand and order a pizza even though the local Thai residences or tourists might crave bad pizza, so that's why it's on the menu.

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  6. I’m Iranian and I visited Sicily 2 weeks ago. To be honest I didn’t like their food compared to Iranian Turkish and Indian food. I ate a panini with courgette and mozzarella which was nice but that’s it.

  7. Was stationed with the military in Sicily at Naval Air Station Sigonella from 2016-2019. Best 3 years of my life. Loved every minute of living on the island. So much to see, do, and eat. Everything you’re eating is bringing back good memories

  8. "Street food" because after you pay and eat it, they rob you around the next corner and get their money back. Life in Mafia country as usual… 😆😆😆

  9. Ok. A lady that orders pasta con sardines and I'm hooked. Perfect. The young man may should feel fortunate to be along for the experience. 😉🍻😊

  10. Ma 4 euro un' arancina è un furto vi hanno derubato! Costa 1 euro un arancino

  11. In acest video-clip nu s-a mai pus problema covrigului virusal C.19 sau a Variolei Maimutei?!

  12. I love Palermo and its food culture. Pasta alla Norma is traditionally from Catania and it was named as such in honour of the composer from that city, Vincenzo Bellini, who wrote the opera Norma.

  13. You must have had the frutti di bosco granita! I would have loved to try the granita with gelsi (as it said on the placard) which is mulberry….it grows all over Sicily and is an amazing fruit!

  14. Il pane con la meusa si mangia con il limone per apprezzarlo, non col formaggio.

  15. Forchetta e coltello per mangiare la pasta …non si può vedere!!!! Santa Rosalia benedetta …mah