Sicilian singer Lucia reaches finals at Rome Music Festival 2023

The singer-songwriter Lucia from Catania is a finalist at the 2023 Roma Music Festival, the event showcasing emerging musical talents in Italy. Lucia will perform her new single at the national final, which explores the intimate and deep emotions tied to memories and inspiration from the intergenerational bond between grandparents and grandchildren. Her song “Un posto piccolissimo” is a tribute to the precious values, unconditional love, tenderness, and tradition passed down from grandparents. The song is a personal story reflecting on the special relationship Lucia had with her grandmother. Lucia’s music focuses on personal growth and introspection, and she has received critical acclaim for her previous singles. The up-and-coming artist is actively involved in creating her own music and is currently working on her first album. The national final, to be held at the historic Golden Theater in Rome and televised live, is a highly anticipated event with only 12 artists competing in the singer-songwriter category.

La cantautrice catanese Lucia in finale al Roma Music Festival 2023

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