Sicilian regional executive becomes a case as union protests.

A recent incident at a government office in Palermo, Sicily has sparked widespread controversy. According to various chat messages circulating among Region employees, a higher-ranking official summoned a middle manager to draft a document, but became enraged when the final text did not meet their expectations. The situation escalated, resulting in a physical altercation between the two individuals. The middle manager claims to have been pushed out of the office, leaving visible scratches on their arms. The incident has gained attention, with the Dirsi union expressing solidarity with the manager who reported the aggression. The union is calling for appropriate action to be taken, both legally and within the disciplinary system, against the higher-ranking official. Additionally, the Dirsi union has highlighted the overall tense working conditions and confrontations that public employees are facing in the Region, due to a misguided approach to personnel management by the local government.

Regione Siciliana, la dirigente strattonata dal suo capo diventa un caso: protesta il sindacato Dirsi

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