Sicilian Region, Schifani launches the revolution in healthcare: “So we will change the top management”

2023 in the Region will begin with the changes at the top of the galaxy that gravitates around Palazzo d’Orleans. The Asp and the hospitals, the commission that authorizes the large plants, the subsidiaries and above all the motorway consortium. Renato Schifani had summoned journalists to illustrate the junta’s end-of-year provisions but ended up setting the short/medium-term route.
At the top of public health, the president wants “significant change”. It is the signal that most of the old guard today at the helm of ASP and hospitals should not be reconfirmed, even if the final choice comes from a tender that the junta approved yesterday: only managers who have obtained the enrollment in a register edited by the ministry. “But to choose within this list – the president anticipated – we have decided that the interviews of the selection phase will be public”. The changing of the guard in ASP and hospitals should take place in June, until then the current managers remain as extraordinary commissioners.

Schifani also anticipated that 2023 will be the year of the review of the relationship with private healthcare providers: «The goal is to reduce waiting lists. And for this reason we will work on private budgets. During the year they can no longer work for us if these ceilings are reached, so we will set new ceilings».
The spoils system that the junta has decided to launch in January will also affect the subsidiaries. And here Schifani has already set some goals. Among the first seats to be assigned will be that of the Cas, which manages, among others, the Palermo-Messina: «The motorways are in an offensive state for the Sicilians. We are discussing it with Anas and as regards the Cas we will draw our conclusions ».

Another seat that will have priority at the beginning of the year is the one at the top of the Cts, the commission that authorizes large plants, until tomorrow in the hands of the highly contested Aurelio Angelini. The tender to find the new president and the new members will expire in February, while waiting yesterday Schifani discussed for an hour with the councilors about the new regulation that will guide the evaluation of the projects: «The one drawn up by the old government requires 30 or 40 steps before to arrive at the final opinion. Not even I was able to read the rules to the end. We are thinking to simplify all the procedures. And fortunately we can do it by decree ». Schifani recalled that «the opposition of the CTS has made it difficult to launch projects in the field of waste. But not only those, I have heard from everywhere the cry of pain for an organism that has paralyzed Sicily». And he added that just at the beginning of February “we will be able to at least deliver the first lots of the seventh tank of Bellolampo, alleviating the inconvenience of the province of Palermo”.

The battle over the cost of flights remains at the heart of this short-term programme: «We are negotiating the increase in connections to and from Sicily with a third airline. But I wonder why every time a third carrier was found it then fled after a short time. We need to investigate the case further.”

The president then hinted that he did not want to exacerbate the ongoing clash with the Court of Auditors over the challenge of the 2020 budget, which risked forcing the Region into a one billion corrective maneuver. Yesterday the junta had on the agenda the proposal of the councilor for the economy, Marco Falcone, to counter-appeal the decision of the Court of Auditors by raising another conflict between powers. But Schifani opted for a low profile: «The Court of Auditors had already turned to the Council because there is an ongoing clash between the accounting judiciary and the national government of which Sicily is the victim. For this reason we will not challenge the decision of the Court of Auditors”. Strong, the president of the Region, of the national law Salva Sicilia which “healed” the moves made in 2020 by the Musumeci government, avoiding tears and blood maneuvers for the Schifani junta.

It is an agreement, the one that the president signed with the national government, contested by the opposition for giving up the possibility of claiming old credits. Schifani denied that these were worth 8 billion (“it doesn’t say anywhere”) and set aside his intentions “to be better in 2023”, at least with the opposition: “This is an inconsistent opposition, which protests on nothing and does not make proposals. The showdown at the Ars at the end of January, when there will be a vote on the Budget. In the meantime, the junta yesterday approved the provisional exercise for a month.

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