Sicilian Region, Musumeci gathers the junta: Daniela Baglieri ready to take the place of Pierobon

Daniela Baglieri ready to take the place of Alberto Pierobon in the Sicilian Region. A choice dictated by the need to make the team of regional councilors more “pink”, after the resignation of Fat Bernadette (the only woman who had remained in the council).

The Department of Energy belongs to the UDC but the last word is from Governor Nello Musumeci, which for this morning has called a meeting between the councilors: on the agenda, at least officially, there are some resolutions but it could also be the right time to formalize the new entry.

Baglieri, a teacher of Ragusan origins, transplanted to Catania but in force at the University of Messina, is a name that appeals to the parent company Eleonora Lo Curto. Even if it is indicated as an expression of a vast area that would reach the Renzian Nicola D’Agostino.

So for Musumeci it would be an enlargement of the majority and for the UDC a merger with (at least part of the) Renziani and Sicilia Futura, the movement of Totò Cardinale which has Giuseppe Picciolo in Messina as one of the players in this game.

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