Sicilian Region, green light to hire 36 experts for the Pnrr

Green light from the Schifani government to the revision of the Territorial Plan for the experts called to assist the Region and local authorities on the Pnrr. The regional council has in fact approved the proposal of the Public Administration department for the recruitment of a further 36 professional figures and the confirmation of the 83 already employed by the regional administration during 2022 (for 76 of which the contract will expire on 31 December), however replacing an environmental engineer profile with a chemistry graduate. The remodeled plan will now have to be approved by the national department of the Civil Service at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Andrew Messina


Andrea Messina, from San Giovanni La Punta to the regional council with the DC Nuova di Cuffaro

«The quantification of the additional experts to be included – underlines the councilor for local government and the public function, Andrea Messina – arises from the need to strengthen some areas of intervention. We have carried out specific technical meetings with the departments involved, extended to the Basin Authority and Arit, and on the basis of the requests the proposal for the revision of the Regional Plan has been prepared. With the approval from Rome we will be able to strengthen the regional structures and give support to the local authorities to simplify the complex procedures and reduce the arrears”.

The necessary resources were found thanks to some cost savings on the budget available to the Sicilian Region, also obtained thanks to the definition of the maximum compensation to be paid, the one referring to the senior profile. In 2022, savings amounted to approximately 2.8 million euros out of the over 8.8 million allocated. Other savings of over 1.4 million were possible thanks to the contractual levels chosen for 2023 and 2024. Finally, last August Sicily was assigned additional resources for almost 2.5 million.

The renewal of existing contracts will take place on the basis of the assessment relating to the achievement of the expected results and the professional activities carried out in the first year of activity. For the stipulation of new contracts, in the case of replacement of an office that has ceased, the ranking list already prepared will be drawn or, if insufficient, further selections will be made among the professionals already present in the lists of candidates; otherwise, new notices issued by the National Public Administration Department will be used through the Inpa portal.

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