Sicilian nobility in the cellar protagonist at the Caltagirone Film Festival

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The nobility of the past and that of the present. The aristocracy of the stone coats of arms now corroded by time and the luxuriant bunch of grapes, the generous vineyard, the professionalism of the “king” of the islanders Ais sommelier. These are the themes of the third evening of the Caltagirone Film Festival, produced and hosted in the Valle delle Ferle estate.

The protagonist of the tasting is the prince of Sicilian vines, Nero d’Avola. The guests, led by Pietro Giurdanella, the best AIS sommelier in Sicily, were led to discover the peculiarities that the climatic variations of the 2018, 2017 and 2016 vintages have conferred on Nero d’Avola Valle delle Ferle. Starting from the 2018 vintage, not yet on the market, we arrived at the warmth and persistence of the 2017 vintage, to then relive the aromas and softness of the 2016 vintage and those hints of carob and licorice that are the “signature” of territory of Caltagirone on the bottles of Valle delle Ferle.

For the cinematographic part, the third evening of the CFF saw prestigious participations and qualified appearances. The artistic director Sergio d’Arrigo, introduced the film “The Barons”, a masterpiece of sense of humor, a desecrating picture of an old aristocracy, made by a part of those same international aristocrats who had left Italy after the war .

The producer and director were the Marquis Andrea Paternò Castello di Sangiuliano and Gianpaolo Lomi, dear friends, who had participated in the Brazilian dolce vita of the 50s and 60s with frequentation of the best world of the time. Back in Italy in the 70s, they will look with disenchantment at certain social rules that have now been superseded even by the twenties of ’68, with a modern and courageous cinematographic language. The themes are the same as in Visconti’s Leopard but the story is anything but serious, but rather goliardic and politely provocative. The protagonists are of the highest level: from Turi Ferro to Aldo Fabrizi, Leopoldo Trieste, Vittorio Caprioli, Ira von Furstenberg. The Marquis Andrea di Sangiuliano has revealed some unpublished background of the preparation of the film, including the relations with Alain Delon. His elegant presence and his speech are much appreciated as well as that of the famous director Gianpaolo Lomi connected from home.

The latter retraced the salient phases of the making of the film which, as mentioned during the debate, deserves to be re-read from the historical point of view almost fifty years after its release in theaters. Note of particular satisfaction for the organizers is the appreciation of the film by the younger audience as well as of course the mature and selected ones.

The third appointment in Valle delle Ferle began with a guided tour by Claudia and Andrea, from the rows of the oldest vineyard in Cerasuolo di Vittoria in the territory of Caltagirone, to the cellar, where the vinification takes place with the use of the most advanced technology, but respecting tradition, passion, raw materials and the final product, subjected to rigorous quality controls and compliance with the specification.

Next appointment on July 30th.

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