Sicilian newlyweds poisoned by carbon monoxide on honeymoon, three defendants acquitted

Two married couple from Messina risked death from carbon monoxide poisoning in a hotel room in Ragusa on August 27, 2017. The three defendants were acquitted for not having committed the act. It is undeniable that the incident occurred but, in the first instance, they are not responsible. The judgment was pronounced by the single judge of the Ragusa Court, Elio Manent.

The prosecutor who had requested a sentence of 8 months’ imprisonment for Angelo Gulino, owner of the De Stefano Palace hotel (defended by lawyers Fabrizio Cavallo and Carmelo Di Paola), and 10 months for the engineer who designed the heating and water systems, Francesco Minardi (defended by lawyer Guglielmo Barone) and Nunzio Cilia as the executor of the works to install two boilers installed three years and one year before the incident (defended by lawyers Maurizio Catalano and Biagio Giudice); the process involved as a civil liability the company Antiqua hotels Group snc – the owner of the structure – whose legal representative is Giuseppe Greco (represented by lawyer Massimo Garofalo).

Coniugi messinesi intossicati dal monossido di carbonio durante la luna di miele, assolti i tre imputati

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