Sicilian national football team, the idea starts from Messina. Here are the first names

Culture, history and a sense of belonging are the basis of a new project that revolves around regional identity and football. The initiative, launched two years ago, is progressing rapidly thanks to the commitment of enthusiasts, historians and professionals of Sicilian culture who, led by the president Salvatore Mangano, entrepreneur and president of the association “Sicily to the Sicilians”, aims to form the National of Sicily. «We want to promote the identity and image of our island. A popular and aggregative show like football can be a vector of cultural reflection, historical knowledge and enhancement of the Sicilian linguistic heritage “, explained the manager from Catania Alberto L’Episcopo, general manager and former executive of Hygieia Virtus is Chievo Verona in series A and B.

Starting from Messina, the project has a wide regional scope, immediately finding consensus in the other provinces: “We have an adequate organizational structure and on the agenda a series of affiliations with companies from all over Sicily”, added L’Episcopo, working to register for the Conifa (Confederation of Independent Football Associations). The first meetings in 2019: «Sicily meets many of the minimum points necessary for admission. We are ready for the formal request, which will be forwarded during the week and must be examined by the Conifa World Board which meets once a year “. In any case, we have already received an informal invitation from Conifa to participate in the next “No Limit” events, and we have already given full availability.

Meanwhile, the national team is developing itself and has relied on a leading figure in the regional football scene: Benedetto Bottari, former executive of the Milazzo which arrived in C, Two towers is City of Sant’Agata, will be the team manager. «He will build a high level technical staff – continued the dg -. Some players have already expressed interest, but the summons will be preceded by requests and clearances from the clubs and leagues they belong to, to move in harmony with all the players involved “. The health emergency has slowed down sports activities, the rallies will be organized in the autumn, while the official competitions only in 2022, when Sicily can debut with the three jerseys already made official: the first, Vespiru, is Giallorossi and recalls the Sicilian Vespers insurrection of 1282; the second, Fidiricu, white with a yellow and red band inspired by the flag of the Kingdom of Sicily established in 1296 by King Federico III; the third, Ruggeru, blue with a red and white checkered band, in homage to the Altavilla shield, of which King Roger II, founder of the Kingdom of Sicily in 1130, was the greatest exponent.

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