Sicilian derby ends in a 7-7 draw: Ortigia vs Telimar

The derby between Circolo Canottieri Ortigia and Telimar Palermo ends in a 7-7 draw. Despite an initial 4-goal deficit, Telimar manages to rally and make a comeback in the first half. Both teams play openly, with Ortigia trying to maintain their lead until the end. However, with 2’26″ left, Davide Occhione scores the goal that ties the game. The Telimar coach believes the draw is a fair result and acknowledges the importance of the match for both teams. The next match for Telimar will be against Nuoto Catania, before a challenging month of competitions.

Il derby della Sicilia in calottina in parità: Ortigia-Telimar finisce 7-7

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