Sicilian Coastal Villages: Meeting in Mazara on Fishing Registry with Assessore Sammartino

The article discusses the importance of the Mediterranean fishing identity registry and coastal villages in preserving and promoting the cultural heritage associated with the sea. The meeting, organized by the regional department of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Mediterranean Fisheries, aims to promote the quality and added value, certification, traceability, and transparency of Sicilian seafood markets. The event will take place on October 20th in Mazara del Vallo and is part of the Blu Sea Land event. Various speakers, including local authorities and representatives from the fishing industry, will attend the meeting. The association Bios will also set up an info point to showcase the most beautiful coastal villages in Sicily. The event will conclude with a show cooking featuring renowned local chefs.

Borghi marinari siciliani, a Mazara un incontro sul Registro della pesca con l’assessore Sammartino

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