Sicilian Catholic newspaper responds to Giulia Cecchettin’s father: “Jesus forgave his executioners”

Domenico Interdonato, regional president of UCSI (Italian Catholic Press Association), speaks about the theme of forgiveness following the words of Gino Cecchettin, the father of the girl killed by her ex-girlfriend in Veneto. Gino expressed difficulty in forgiving, citing that even Jesus did not forgive his executioners. However, Interdonato points out that Jesus, in fact, did ask for forgiveness for his executioners. He also emphasizes the role of journalists in protecting the truth. Gino Cecchettin, while struggling to forgive his daughter’s murderer, hopes that the person responsible will realize the gravity of their actions. He is currently unable to surpass the border of forgiveness as a parent, emphasizing that forgiving is a higher step and will be difficult. He asks for time to expand the repressed pain and to support his family.

La stampa cattolica siciliana risponde al padre di Giulia Cecchettin: «Gesù ha perdonato i suoi carnefici»

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