Sicilian business program supports 200 microenterprises: Here’s how it’s changing

Conflavoro Pmi, with the regional secretary Giuseppe Pullara, highlights the potential for around 200 small businesses in Sicily to benefit from the “Fare impresa in Sicilia” program, established by the government of the Sicilian Region. The program aims to support the growth and development of the business system in the region by providing financial aid and grants. The Competitività Sicilia program includes interventions to accompany and promote growth, with a particular focus on supporting young entrepreneurs and women. The program has been expanded to include businesses in the tourist sector, with funding of 26 million euros available and a maximum investment of 300,000 euros. The evaluation process for funding requests will prioritize the level of co-financing from the businesses. The program aims to provide grants covering up to 90% of eligible expenses, excluding certain industries such as agriculture and energy production. The dedication to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in Sicily has been praised by Conflavoro Pmi and is seen as a positive step towards boosting economic activity in the region.

Fare impresa in Sicilia: così cambia il programma della Regione per 200 microaziende dell’Isola

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