Sicilian bishops: "Stop the escape of our children from the island"


The Sicilian bishops, gathered in the winter work session, wished "to make a common front in spurring the bodies and administrations, in making themselves the voice of this suffering segment of the population and in accompanying those who can practice a different economy in Sicily to revive this land and responding with facts to the bleeding of young people who keep going away ”. The bishops listened to Don Antonio Garau (in the center in the photo) founder of the cardboard Suitcase movement, on the phenomenon of depopulation affecting Sicily. Some local Churches – says Cesi – have already shared in their territory the experience promoted by the Palermo priest who became the spokesman of young people and families forced to face the need to leave their land to have, even before hope and a future, the very possibility of a dignified life. The bishops appreciated Don Garau's initiative and highlighted, in the debate that followed, the paths already started by the dioceses of Sicily for the promotion of business culture and cooperation, integral ecology, community development and the commitment to sensitize parishes towards social pastoral care as an area of ​​evangelization.
The Sicilian bishops, gathered in the Cesi, express "concern about the serious situation that has been recorded in recent weeks in Libya and which already has effects also on our people in Sicily, in particular on the fishermen to whom, for security reasons, it is already forbidden navigation in the area with significant economic repercussions ". The bishops "entrust the ongoing negotiations to prayer, while they hope that a peaceful solution can be reached as soon as possible".

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