Shot: Mystery in Palermo as 34-year-old man is wounded

He went to the emergency room at the Civic Hospital with a bleeding arm. He said he was feeling unwell, someone had shot him. Now there is a yellow alert in Palermo, regarding the alleged injury of a thirty-four year old man who claimed to have been hit by a bullet. The bullet entered and exited, as confirmed by the hospital’s medical examinations, but investigations are ongoing to determine what really happened.

The man, who resides near Via Cipressi, was questioned by the police who want to clarify the situation: some parts of his story are reportedly inconsistent and the information provided is not accurate. The police were called by the same emergency room doctors who treated and bandaged the gunshot wound. The 34-year-old was discharged after tests with a prognosis of fifteen days.

His condition is not serious, but investigators are looking for more concrete evidence to reconstruct the unclear incident. The Mobile Squad is investigating.

«Mi hanno sparato», giallo a Palermo sul ferimento di un uomo di 34 anni

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