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Shortage of personnel and critical issues in hospitals, the Health Commission in Canicattì and Licata

Editorial staff 18 September 2021 13:21

Share The Ars Health Commission will visit the “Barone Lombardo” hospitals in Canicattì and “San Giacomo d’Altopasso” on Tuesday. This was announced in a note by the president of the sixth Health Commission of the Sicilian Regional Assembly Margherita La Rocca Ruvolo. “We will meet the medical and health personnel of the two hospitals and the extraordinary commissioner of the ASP of Agrigento – declares La Rocca Ruvolo – to take stock of the state of the art and to address various critical issues that have been reported to us, starting from the lack of personal. We will urge the regional government to do its utmost to give citizens concrete and rapid answers on the improvement of health services in this vast area of ​​the Agrigento area ”.