Shooting Santa Maria degli Ammalati, the weapon tightens around the wounded deputy sergeant

Editorial staff 06 September 2021 15:54

The commander general of the Arma, General Teo Luzi, and the carabinieri all gather around the deputy brigadier Sebastiano Giovanni Grasso, of the Aci Sant’Antonio station, who was seriously wounded in the neck by a gunshot that exploded in the context of a fight, which broke out yesterday for futile reasons. Thus in an official note the Arma dei Carabinieri. “He put the sense of duty and the spirit of service before all other considerations and, despite being free from service he was participating in the first communion of his son, he did not hesitate for a moment to intervene in support of the colleagues who were trying to quell the altercation . A victim of the huge battle that the carabinieri, together with the other police forces, fight to guarantee security and serenity to the citizens, with great generosity every day always at the service of the country. The brave deputy sergeant Grasso pays with serious physical consequences l ‘having put his life at the service of institutions and citizens “. The Institution’s solidarity with the military was immediately expressed by the Interregional Commander “Culqualber”, General Gianfranco Cavallo, who visited the soldier at the Cannizzaro hospital in Catania. The conditions of the deputy brigadier Grasso remain “stationary” as explained by the general director of the Cannizzaro hospital in Catania, where the soldier is hospitalized after a delicate neurosurgical operation which ended in the morning. Stationary conditions “despite the severity of the clinical picture – explained Giuffrida – since the lesion that affected the sixth cervical vertebra has determined important relics that will have to be evaluated later”. The General Director of the Catania hospital then added: “We immediately started the rehabilitation process. The head of the Spinal Unit, Dr. Onesta, made an initial clinical evaluation of the patient’s condition with regard to the possibility of functional recovery” .

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