Shocking Coworker Grief over Mazara Feminicide: ‘Goodbye Marisa, You Were and Will Be a Light’

Colomba Bianca winery, where Marisa Leo worked, posted this tribute on Facebook following her tragic murder by her ex-partner Angelo Reina, who then committed suicide. Marisa was the marketing and communication manager at Colomba Bianca, a wine expert, a caring mother, and an inspiration to their wineries. She played a vital role in the success of international projects for the Italian wine industry and was a visionary communicator in the world of Sicilian wines. Marisa was also actively involved in fighting gender-based violence. The winery expresses their deep sorrow for Marisa’s family’s loss and considers themselves an integral part of her family. They cannot fathom a future vintage without her and are devastated by the news.

Il femminicidio di Mazara, lo sgomento dei colleghi di lavoro: «Ciao Marisa, eri e sarai luce»

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