“Shocked” by the shoes in the window, he tries to steal them repeatedly: denounced

Drafting 15 September 2021 15:08

Share A prisoner from Palermo was reported for attempted theft in Montevarchi, in the province of Arezzo. It was the carabinieri of the company of San Giovanni Valdarno who identified and deferred to a state of freedom a man who, during the summer, in different circumstances, the last at the end of August, had entered a shop in the center of Montevarchi , trying to steal fine shoes. The investigations began as soon as the complaint filed by a trader was collected by now exasperated by the continuous raids by the same person, from time to time put on the run by the shop assistants. The military then went to the site of the attempted coup, for the very first reliefs. Thanks to the statements of the witnesses and the images taken by the video surveillance circuit, the picture immediately appeared extremely clear. The manager, a man who came on foot, after a brief inspection, had entered the shop and, regardless of the presence of other people in the area, had tried to take advantage of a moment of distraction by the clerk to appropriate a pair of shoes. But then he was discovered and forced to make a hasty escape on foot. The reconstruction of the Montevarchi carabinieri – culminating in the complaint to the Arezzo Public Prosecutor’s Office – made it possible to ascertain that, in all cases, the man involved was the same. The modus operandi was identical, with the potential thief who tried to divert the attention of the owners with specious questions, and the description provided by those present was the same. The man – an offender from the province of Palermo – was then identified and reported for attempted aggravated theft.

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