Sheep head in front of a house gate, intimidated by a 62-year-old


He found the head of a sheep on the entrance gate of his home. Intimidation for a sixty-two year old from Agrigento who, on Saturday, formalized a complaint, against unknown persons, at the carabinieri station of the city of the Temples. The soldiers of the weapon were called immediately after the discovery of the disquieting message and rushed to the central via Imera.

On the entrance gate of the house there was indeed a sheep's head, probably a butcher's waste. The Sicilian victim of the disturbing intimidating message was immediately listened to and the entire area was searched from top to bottom. The carabinieri naturally set about "hunting" for possible public or private video surveillance systems. However, the area where the bad message was left was not covered by cameras.

As per the investigative procedure, the soldiers of the Agrigento station spent a long time listening to the sixty-two year old. Apparently, there would be no doubt: "The intimidating act could be traced back to disagreements with the neighborhood". The Public Prosecutor's Office has already been informed and an investigation file has been opened against unknown persons. It will take time, and it will be necessary to proceed with the investigative activity, to try to clarify and to identify the author of the message probably delivered during the night.

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