She steals shoes at the “Gates of Catania”, but the anti-shoplifting betrays her

Editorial office 26 July 2021 13:00

The carabinieri of the radio-mobile nucleus of the provincial command denounced a 23-year-old from Syracuse, held responsible for aggravated theft. This morning the military intervened following a request from the manager of a well-known shoe shop, at a Catania shopping center, as the woman was found in possession of 4 pairs of shoes that she had placed inside a bag, without the anti-theft plaque. The young woman, stopped by the staff in charge of the supervision of the commercial operation, when the anti-theft alarm came into operation had told them that it was certainly a false alarm generated by her skirt, only to be discovered red handed by the operator, suspicious with good reason. The military found that the alarm, despite the anti-theft plate had been removed by the woman, had been activated because in two pairs of shoes there was an additional signaling device affixed in the factory by the manufacturer.

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