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she finds the courage to denounce her husband and has him arrested

Editorial team 16 August 2021 12:25

The carabinieri of the San Michele di Ganzaria station arrested a 77-year-old local, as he was held responsible for mistreatment in the family and personal injury. The soldiers on patrol, thanks to a request for help expressed by a woman at 112, immediately intervened in the home of the 76-year-old lady, where the latter, visibly tried, reported that she had suffered violence for the umpteenth time physical and psychological by the cohabiting husband. During the surgery, the woman was rescued by the 118 health workers and transported to the Gravina and Santo Pietro hospital in Caltagirone where the emergency room doctors found multiple bruises deemed curable in 7 days. It seems that the woman has been subjected to this type of oppression for many years, also punctuated by continuous death threats. The arrested person, having completed the formalities of the rite, was relegated to house arrest in a home other than the conjugal one.