Shadow at BIT: "Trapani airport growing in 2020"

Shadow to the BIT:
Ombra at BIT: "Trapani airport growing in 2020"

Shadow at BIT: "Trapani airport growing in 2020"

"800 thousand passengers will pass through Trapani Birgi airport this year and next year we think we can double this number with the aim of reaching three million passengers." Salvatore Ombra, president of Airgest, the management company of Vincenzo Florio airport in Trapani, said it on the Milan Tourism Exchange.

"Both Trapani and Comiso airports – he added – have wide margins of growth that the airports of Palermo and Catania do not have, as they have almost reached the maximum number of passengers passing through".

Ombra said that the first routes will depart from the Trapani airport in mid-July, to which other operational destinations will be added from 16 August.

The statements of the President of Airgest, on the "limited passenger traffic capacity at Palermo Falcone Borsellino airport", did not please Gesap, the company of …


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