SG la Punta, drug dealer caught at home with 120 grams of cocaine

sg.-la-punta, -hunter-caught-at-home-with-120-grams-of-cocaine

The boy handed the drug over to the military at the sight of the drug dogs

CATANIA – Military personnel of the Radiomobile Nucleus of the Compagnia di Acireale, assisted by colleagues from the Nicolosi Dog Nucleus, arrested the 45-year-old Sebastiano Saraceno in San Giovanni La Punta for possession of drugs for the purpose of dealing.

The military had for some time harbored suspicions about the man and a few days ago they showed up at his home for a search but Saraceno, seeing the drug dogs, decided himself to deliver the drugs (cocaine) that he hid in the living room behind a photo frame inside a container. Here the military found about 120 grams of cocaine divided into 7 stones and 54 “pippotti” of the same narcotic substance already packaged for retail sale, a precision slingbar, a sum of 3,480 euros believed to be proceeds from the shop, as well as the necessary packaging material for individual drug doses.

The arrested person, as ordered by the judge in the very direct trial, was transferred to the Catania prison in Piazza Lanza.