“Sexual violence on three patients”, the trial for the neuropsychiatrist Marcello Grasso begins

The judge accepted the request for immediate judgment made by the prosecutor and for the neuropsychiatrist Marcello Grasso, 70, brother of the former president of the Senate, Pietro, the trial for sexual violence will begin in mid-November before the second section of the court. The accused still has the right to opt for an alternative rite, such as the abbreviated one, and in this case the date of the first hearing could change.

For the deputy prosecutor Giorgia Righi, who coordinated the investigations of the mobile team, Grasso allegedly abused three patients , groping and photographing them in skimpy clothes. The testimonies of the three women were crystallized during a probative incident and the prosecutor therefore considered that it was not necessary to hold the preliminary hearing . Thesis shared by the judge who then set the trial. Grasso, who was arrested in March and then joined by another pre-trial detention order, has always denied the accusations, claiming to have treated his patients, even borrowing a technique used in the theater. The disguises (in his studio in via Pasquale Calvi many costumes were found) would have served to stimulate self-esteem. Two of the alleged victims are university students who have been treated by the doctor for some years. Both with difficulty in accepting each other physically and the need to keep panic attacks at bay and to take anxiolytics. One of them would not have accepted, for example, the small size of her breasts and for this reason the neuropsychiatrist would have proposed to massage her right in that point. For the prosecution, the accused would actually gradually circuit his patients, suggesting them a “sensory” path to “overcome their limits” and their “problems”, but with the sole purpose of sexually abusing them.

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