Serving Agrigento: “More momentum and courage to relaunch Agrigento”

“After the electoral hangover, the time has come for the Agrigento municipal administration to give real answers to the real problems of the city”.
This is what the provincial coordinators of the political movement “Servire Agrigento”, Raoul Passarello and Giuseppe Sortino say.

“Four months after taking office, the administrative action seems already blocked in planning and choices. The expectation that the city could make a turnaround seems to have already vanished while the emergencies remain such. Unsuccessful building practices, jungle effect on the sidewalks of peripheral areas, failure to upgrade the sweeping service, poor and dark roads, poor quality of local public transport service, lack of niches and delays in burial at the Piano Gatta cemetery are daily problems that they fuel citizens’ disappointment and in some cases economic losses.
In addressing these issues, we expect more courage, momentum and ability. The same one that was missing in the last weekend: the gatherings on the coast of San Leone, culminating in a fight between young people, who are so indignant, were absolutely predictable. It is clear that there is something that did not work in the management by the Municipality which instead should have been vigilant, especially in the most sensitive areas. The total absence of controls and violations of anti Covid protocols now risk undermining the sacrifices of recent months.
Looking to the future of the city means planning interventions having a clear and strategic vision by making corrections to the municipal machinery starting from the no longer postponable need to rotate managers to ensure greater efficiency in administrative action.
It is necessary to be – as of now – at the forefront and have a direct dialogue with the national and regional governments – as part of the development plan and investments of the Recovery Fund – to intercept resources in the field of local mobility, urban regeneration , digitalization, school building and urban green areas. It is a historic occasion for the city and a great responsibility for the administrators who must materialize in credible and feasible projects ”.