Serradifalco. Awarded the restoration, restoration and consolidation works of the Mother Church

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The recovery, restoration and static-structural consolidation works of the Mother Church of San Leonardo Abate have been definitively awarded.
Winning them was the company K2 Srl of Vittoria with a decrease of 31.1%.
A percentage that was the closest to the anomaly threshold set at 31.24%.

At the expression of interest called by the Municipality, 80 companies had taken part, after which 10 were drawn and, of these, 8 had submitted the offer.
The works had a starting price of € 416,003.50, in addition to € 79,685.95 for safety charges not subject to reduction, for a project amount of € 495,689.45 with € 222,372.21 of sums to provision, for a total amount of € 718,061.66.

Based on the reduction rate of 31%, the work was awarded for € 286,626.41 plus VAT, plus safety charges.
The works were financed with funds from the regional department for infrastructure and mobility.
The Mother Church, as you will remember, was closed to the public in 2015 following the detachment of a piece from the entrance.
Subsequent technical checks had highlighted the need to secure the structure and redo the roof of the Church.

These works were carried out at the time thanks to a fundraiser but also thanks to the generosity of the archpriest Don Giovanni Galante.
At the same time, the need to proceed with interventions for the recovery and consolidation of the nave and the presbytery of the historic Serradifalchese church had also emerged.
Precisely this intervention was financed by the Region.

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2022-08-06 10:17:00

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