Serie D Coppa Italia, FC Messina passes the round on penalties against San Luca

The Football Club Messina passed the round in the Italian Serie D Cup, beating San Luca on penalties (4-3), after regular time had finished on a score of 1-1. In the “lottery” from the spot, the 18-year-old Lorenzo Selmi was exalted, putting his signature on the qualification. The match was balanced and fought, but lacking in great emotions, especially in the second half, due to the still not optimal athletic condition of both teams.

The hosts took the lead on the first lunge: Faraone put an inviting ball in the center, which Mbengue bags with a precise header. The Calabrian reaction materializes in the 18 ‘in Nikolic’s equalizer, who stops in the area and strikes the goalkeeper. San Luca close to overtaking at 28 ‘, but Sibide does not take advantage of a defensive error of the opponents. In the second half, Mauro tries from outside and Mammoliti, without the necessary precision, while, in full recovery, it is Aliaga who touches the intersection of the poles with an aerial shot. Fc Messina-San Luca 1-1 (4-3 d.c.r.) Scorers: 9 ‘Mbengue, 18’ Nikolic.
Penalties: Siaj goal, Mauro parato, Iurato goal, Crucitti goal, Piccione goal, Nikolic goal, Valente parato, Mammoliti paolo, Licciardello makes a mistake, Condemi parato. Fc Messina: Selmi, Perez (25 ‘st Valente), Aliaga, Massa (12’ st Garcia), Iurato, Faraone (14 ‘st Licciardello), Fioravanti, Rosa Gastaldo (28’ st Piccione) Mbengue , Siaj, Landi (38 ‘st Thiam). All. Mancuso.
San Luca: Scuffia, Staropoli (10 ‘st Amenta), Battimili, Maesano, Barnofsky, Diallo (34’ st Crucitti), Sidibe (44 ‘st Condemi), Mauro, Guerris (26’ st Puleo), Viola (20 ‘st Mammoliti), Nikolic. All. Ignoffo.
Referee: Aronne di Roma 1 (Almanza 6 and Giudice 6)
Notes: game played behind closed doors. Ammonites: Rosa Gastaldo, Mbengue and Valente. Recovery: 1 ‘and 5’.