Sergio Friscia and New Year’s Eve in Palermo: «I have two surprises ready»

From the desk of Strip at the Politeama stage: Sergio Friscia returns to his Palermo to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the square. He will host Francesco Gabbani and all the Sicilian artists who will entertain the Palermitans to celebrate the new year. The actor and presenter will lead the event – organized by GoMad concerts, Utopia and Wilder, in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Palermo – which will accompany the public to the closing of the old and the opening of the new year. «I can’t wait – says Friscia – for this extraordinary event to begin. I’ve always been accompanied by the affection of the south and I’m very happy to be back home».

A homecoming after the great success. What sensations does he experience?

«A city that I have missed since 1997, when I moved to Rome for work. But my goal is to live here again, because I miss it so much. For 33 years the public has been following me and welcoming me so warmly and this is the best way to make my dream come true».

An event that will showcase local talent.

«Such an important showcase for so many young people. They need visibility, because even if they are luckier today, considering all the means and platforms at their disposal, performing in their own city helps them to give strength».

Young talents and established songwriters, but also a big name like Gabbani.

“There are so many prominent Sicilians, but Francesco Gabbani is the icing on the cake, a great entertainer with incredible strength. I’m sure he will make people dance and have fun with a suitable repertoire for the evening ».

And what will you bring to Piazza Politeama to celebrate this evening with the public?

«I have two surprises in store: a way to remember the good times and then many friends from the show business who gave me a great gift with video greetings both to the city of Palermo and to all Sicilians. There is great affection and I can’t wait for this extraordinary event to begin”.

It’s budget period, how do you evaluate your 2022?

“It was a beautiful year. Also, in February I will do another month a Strip. There, the fact that Roberto and I love each other won, just like two friends. Nothing is ever built and many have told us that we have changed the setting of the program a bit: before the desk was used to launch the services, now the insiders have noticed that people wait for the end of these to see what Lipari and I are up to. The secret is to be real.”

With you, Sicily is always at the center of the show.

«Yes, but we need a production center in Palermo that gives space to creators, screenwriters, authors and all those involved in entertainment and cinema to have local contacts. We need to develop projects and ideas in our city, a center like the one Salvo and Valentino are doing (Ficarra and Picone, ed) that will bring prestige to our South».

So as to bring Sicily to Italian television?

«In most of the films Sicily is already used as a location, we lack for nothing. I am a supporter of this land and of Palermo. Our seas and our mountains have nothing to envy to those of others. We need to start making everything that is our strength move well. My dream is to see Sicily as the first region of Europe, we simply have to change our minds and make this wonderful land grow».

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