Senegalese chef insulted in Agrigento, dinner of “welcome” at the Giardini del Massimo in Palermo

In Palermo, a dinner will take place on August 30th, symbolizing hospitality. The protagonists of this event will be Mareme Cissé, a Senegalese chef from the Ginger restaurant in Agrigento who recently experienced a racist incident, and Gianvito Gaglio, the executive chef of the Giardini del Massimo restaurant that will host the event. The dinner, named “Il gusto dell’accoglienza” (The Taste of Hospitality), aims to counter any form of intolerance. Roberto Lagalla and Marco Betta, president and superintendent of the Teatro Massimo Foundation, expressed their support for Cissé and the event, emphasizing the importance of solidarity and fine cuisine in fostering a welcoming atmosphere. The mayor of Agrigento, Franco Micciché, will also be in attendance.

Chef senegalese insultata ad Agrigento, cena “dell’accoglienza” ai Giardini del Massimo di Palermo

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