Senator Drago denies a possible "League temptation"

CATANIA – No Northern League temptation for the pentastellata senator Tiziana Drago given at the outset to salvidian shores from the press. "According to a journalist's interpretation of 'Il Giornale' I would be in a hypothetical list of suspected MPs who could turn to the right. This is only because in March I attended the World Congress of Families in Verona. I deny this interpretation and reaffirm clearly and unequivocally that I am and will remain a spokeswoman for the Five Star Movement. Every other imaginative hypothesis is baseless, ”states the pentastellata senator Tiziana Drago through a press release.

And he adds. "But can desperation go that far? Dear friends, near and far, make it a reason, politics is something more noble and uplifting than party politics, which has, …

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