Senate, Pietro Grasso (Leu): Sicily seat to Umbria is unconstitutional


"The claim of the 5-star movement to have one more senator fishing from Umbria – in contradiction with population-based calculation, which for Umbria includes seven senators, not eight – is out of any logic. The error of the Movement at the time of the lists, taking advantage of the legitimate possibility of multiple candidates, cannot fall back on this Assembly and end up contradicting the Electoral Law and the Constitution ". This is how the Senator, Pietro Grasso (LeU) in the Chamber, the Senate during the examination of the Junta's report for the elections on the seat left vacant in Sicily. "The only solution in line with the Constitution and with the precedents of this Assembly, – he adds – is that of not assigning the seat for the entire legislature, without this leading to any vulnus because the Senate can validly deliberate even with lower numbers to the plenum of the 315 prescribed by the 57, paragraph 2, Cost, as already happened in the past and …

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