Sempreverde Atelier B&B – Santa Croce Camerina

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On the beach of Montalbano, Semperverde is an ecological house: insulated with straw bales and built with natural materials such as wood, cork, raw earth, tadelakt and bamboo.

He wants you to try the experience of ecological housing and the sea view from a green terrace. Fantastic for a summer holiday, excellent for escapes from the city, suitable for everyone!
Punta Secca is ideal for getting out of the routine of everyday life and enjoying the sunsets over the sea.

It stands out from any other house for its passionate artistic vein to which is added the deliberate use of sustainable construction techniques: plaster and clay floors; thermal and acoustic insulation with cork panels that act as a coat; the choice of recycling and reuse in furniture.

Another feature of evergreen is the presence of plants which adorn the house, not just any plants, but medicinal plants, fruit, those that purify the air in the interior spaces.

The structure was born from the renovation of an old building and an extension in wood and straw bales.

Staying in Semperverde is an experience: this house was conceived and built in green building and you will feel the difference on your skin.

My name is Licia Perna and I wanted to make my dream come true: a house conceived as a tailor-made suit, made to measure, with which you feel at ease, shelter and protect yourself and above all you feel good!
I wanted to use natural materials because living in a healthy environment is very important for our health. In fact, Evergreen wants to take care of you, give you a moment of detachment and rest, it wants to pamper you and be pampered by the surrounding environment.

The sea air and the warm sun will in fact work on you and your health without you even noticing it and Evergreen, the plants and our service, will complete the work.

Santa Croce Camerina

Sempreverde Atelier B&B – Santa Croce Camerina

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