Selinunte welcomes back the Music and Legality Festival: Excitement awaits with South Korean DJ Peggy Gou.

The archaeological park of Selinunte is hosting the Music and Legality festival this year. The event, organized by Unlocked and Valeria Grasso, will bring international artists to Sicily on August 12th for its tenth edition. Through the universal language of music, the festival will address themes of legality, overcoming addictions, environmental awareness, health, and the promotion of the territory. The festival is supported by the Ministry of Health and will feature Peggy Gou, the world’s coolest DJ, who has spoken out against sexism in the music industry. The program will start at 3 PM and continue until 2 AM, offering a range of performances and entertainment. The event also aims to raise funds for social projects, such as scholarships for disadvantaged students and support for women who have experienced violence. In addition to Peggy Gou, there will be performances by influential Sicilian artists, including live music and DJ sets. Tickets for the festival cost €50 and can be purchased online.

Selinunte, torna il festival Musica e Legalità: grande attesa per la dj sudcoreana Peggy Gou

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