Seizure of high-value properties in Agrigento and Rome in connection with “Ponzi scheme” ghost savings collection.

Several prestigious properties have been seized in the provinces of Agrigento and Rome, as well as high-value cars, as part of an investigation by the finance police in Ancona, called “Ghost broker”, which had led to an arrest (house arrest) and three other precautionary measures, as well as the seizure of two companies involved in an illegal investment scheme known as the “Ponzi scheme.” This time, the finance police in Ancona executed further preventive seizures amounting to 15.5 million euros. The finance police officers, under the coordination of the Rome prosecutor’s office, carried out an order issued by the judge of the capital city. The judges in Ancona and Rome, in agreement with the new charges of fraud and money laundering, as well as the asset reconstructions conducted by the finance police, ordered another seizure of assets in a substantial amount against the administrator, an Italian citizen, of an English company that lacked the necessary authorizations from the regulatory authority and was involved in defrauding unsuspecting investors. As part of the investigation, eighteen financial promoters were reported. The measure, carried out by the economic and financial police unit in Ancona, concerns 35 real estate assets in the provinces of Rome and Agrigento, including several residential and vacation properties, a hotel, as well as cars and commercial vehicles, with a total estimated value of over 12 million euros. The precautionary measures against the suspect, who is considered responsible for the additional charges, remain in place. He is charged with fraud, as he is believed to have deceived several dozens of investors. The finance police have discovered that the illicit profits from the fraudulent operations were initially transferred to the bank account of a real estate company linked to the suspect and then used to purchase a significant portfolio of properties, solely to hinder the tracing of the illegal origin of the assets.

Raccolta risparmio fantasma con lo «schema Ponzi», sequestrati immobili di pregio tra Agrigento e Roma

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