Seizure of 6 kg of untraceable seafood at Sciacca restaurant.

Police have uncovered irregularities in a restaurant and two bars in Sciacca. The checks were carried out by the administrative police team of the Sciacca police station and officials from the Asp of Agrigento (Food and Nutrition Hygiene Service and Animal-Origin Food Hygiene Service). The restaurant was found to be in violation of the community regulation (852/2004) for failure to implement Haccp procedures, which aim to ensure food safety. As a result, an administrative fine ranging from 1,000 to 6,000 euros is expected. Approximately six kilograms of unlabeled fish products, declared unsuitable for human consumption, were also seized and will be destroyed. In the second establishment, a bar/ice cream parlor, the failure to implement Haccp procedures was also identified. Furthermore, the presence of products in containers or packaging without labels or traceability was noted, with a fine being imposed in this case as well. Around 45 kilograms of products were seized. Additionally, at a third establishment serving as a bar, pastry shop, and ice cream parlor, the activity of food service has been suspended following a check carried out on September 7th. This measure will remain in effect until certain irregularities are rectified. In this bar, a discrepancy was found regarding the use of public space compared to what was authorized by the Municipality of Sciacca. Total administrative fines amount to approximately 5,500 euros, pending confirmation by the Asp based on the requested documentation during the inspection.

Sciacca, a un ristorante sequestrati 6 chili di prodotti ittici non tracciati

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