Security alarm after vandals assault CGIL headquarters in Lentini.

After only two months, vandals have once again attacked the premises of the CGIL in Lentini, Siracusa. The raid allegedly took place at night and resulted in minimal financial loss as there were no valuable materials or money in the building. However, the damage caused is not the main issue; rather, it is the devastation of a place that serves as a reference point not only for the trade union but also for the local community. It is unacceptable that a place frequented by workers, retirees, the elderly, the poor, the unemployed, and the youth has been targeted. The CGIL provincial secretary, Roberto Alosi, emphasizes the need for increased control and more effective methods of raising awareness about social respect, legality, and civil living in Lentini. He also draws a parallel with the recent vandalism at the Chiesa del Cristo Re, where food supplies and equipment were stolen from Caritas and the Scouts. Alosi condemns these actions and calls for the restoration of trust and solidarity within the community.

Lentini, assalto dei vandali nella sede della Cgil: ora è allarme sicurezza

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