second shot in ten days

A flash, just over a week after the last. Last Friday, a man armed with a cutter robbed the Cavour pharmacy in via Padre Giuseppe Puglisi, in the Sperone area. He entered with his face covered and wearing a sweatshirt in the business located at the corner with via Federico Ferrari Orsi. Then he threatened a pharmacist, had the cash kept in the cashier delivered, and walked away making him lose track. The police investigate the episode.

About ten days earlier a robber had hit the same pharmacy in similar ways. According to what has been reconstructed, he entered with his face distorted by a mask and a hat, threatened one of the employees and had about 300 euros delivered in cash. Carabinieri patrols intervened on the spot and collected the first information and acquired the images of the video surveillance that could have filmed the scene. Instead, the attempted robberies in two other activities in the area date back to 17 September. One, the one at the Cannata pharmacy in Corso dei Mille, ended with the arrest of a 21-year-old who was also accused of escaping. The young man, who was already under house arrest, was blocked and found in possession of a pair of gloves and a revolver: after the validation of the arrest, the investigating judge locked him up at the Pagliarelli. The other failed robbery was recorded on the same day in a pharmacy in via Armando Diaz.

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