Second defeat for the Akragas Futsal: crushed by the Bovalino C5


Second defeat of the season in the league, first among the friendly teams for the Akragas Futsal that gives the honor of the weapons to Bovalino C5 for 5 to 1.

Wide defeat in the result: the boys of the Valley of the Temples pay dearly for the many defensive lapses in the presence of a cynical roster and built for a championship as a protagonist. The networks of the meeting carry the signatures for the hosts of Marco Casali for the guests of the Spanish Crespo and Crivi author of a poker.

To signal for the biancazzurri the good return of the 1999 Consentino and the seasonal debut for 2002 Cillari.

The other results of the day have seen:

Mascalucia – Arcobaleno Ispica 7 – 4

Futura – Nissa 4 – 7

Siac Messina – Cosenza 1 – 3

GEAR Sport – Agriplus 10 – 5

The Ecosistem Lamezia Terme rested; in the standings the Akragas Futsal remains in fifth place with 7 points.

Next meeting for the boys of Castiglione Saturday 16 November in Cosenza against the leaders Pirossigeno.

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